What Makes the Furniture Vintage?

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You might have gone to various magazine issues which display a gorgeous array of vintage furniture to make your room look interesting and exude one-of-a-kind charm. Here’s everything you need to know about vintage furniture.

Vintage has no legal definition and is referred differently depending on the type of the source. For instance almost every person will term vintage furniture piece which is aged between 30 to 100 years old. And then if it is 100 years or older, the furniture piece is termed as antique. In the category of vintage, new pieces dating from the 1950s to the 1980s, it is usually considered as retro. The newer pieces which are used dating back from the mid-80s and later are just considered as furniture. All furniture of the mid-century modern style and has been famous since the first decade of the 21st century can be deemed as both retro and vintage.

Just being doesn’t make any furniture vintage technically, even though many people call it old and vintage and what not. To earn the title of vintage, the furniture piece must also be an instance of what defined a specific style of that time. For instance, Eames chair. It doesn’t belong to a renowned line or a famous manufacturer, it just exhibits the best features of that time.

Why is Vintage furniture famous?

  1. Creates an exceptional look

Vintage pieces are rare even though they were once mass-produced and ubiquitous. These pieces give your home décor uniqueness and style, particularly the Vintage Chairs. This factor cannot be achieved by making new pieces.

There are two options for decorating the vintage furniture. You can either choose furniture from a single vintage era to recreate that style or you can curate a collection of vintage pieces from various eras that will give a cohesive look. If you combine pieces from various eras, ensure to coordinate the room together with color and a formality level to share certain visual elements.

  1. Budget friendly

If you have a fine taste for vintage furniture, you can choose to install the same to have better things in life. Vintage furniture is inexpensive than new furniture of the same quality. Older furniture is always composed better and finer materials were used to create the pieces.

  1. Vintage is eco-friendly

If you are an eco-friendly person you should always buy vintage furniture. It is one of the most environment friendly method for furnishing your abode as you are avoiding the old furniture from ending up in the landfill. When you furnish your home with vintage pieces it is healthier for your home as the furniture has already gone through the off gassing with the formaldehyde and other lethal substances which are present in the finishes as well as the glues. If these pieces require a refinish, you can also utilize finishes which aren’t non-toxic at all.

Where to find Vintage Furniture Pieces? 

  1. Auction websites
  2. Charity flea markets
  3. Edgy retail stores
  4. Estate sales
  5. Live auctions
  6. Second-hand stores
  7. Handoffs from older family members
  8. Online websites
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