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Three Options to Choose from for your Decking Materials

  • by Rozy Joi
  • 6 Months ago
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When it comes to deck boards, you can choose to get entry-level models or go all-out for the premium ones. This depends on our budget and needs. Decking is available in various colors and features. To make the process of choosing your deck board and find the best Fiberon decking board that suits your outdoor space, consider the options below:

Composite Decking

This type of decking often suits your first house. You want to get a board which complements your house without spending a fortune. Composite decking is durable and easier to maintain than wood because it does not require res-staining or re-painting. This decking provides grain patterns and solid colors.

Moreover, affordable composite boards come with relieved bottoms instead of a straight one. This suits ground-level decks. A number of fasteners may not grab into this surface so pay attention to the kinds of fasteners recommended by the manufacturer.

PVC Decking for Waterside Applications

If you are buying decking for your dock or marina project, ensure to get a product which can handle lots of foot traffic and withstand waterside use. For this purpose, you need PVC decking. This type of decking resists dents, flames, and moisture. It does not have organic compounds that can promote mold growth. PVC decking is also available in different colors and priced comparably to premium composites.

Wood Decking

A lot of people use real wood for their decks for many reasons. Wood is readily available and the kind of lumber you pick for a wooden deck is vital to its overall performance and longevity. You can find pressure-treated lumber in green or brown color options. However, the color does not really matter since the wood can be painted or stained. Because wood is susceptible to splitting, warping, and cracking, it should be maintained regularly. But, you can choose cedar as your weather-resistant option.

There are a lot of decking materials to select from. Some of them are more economical than others. However, if you think you will be spending lots of time on your deck and you care about the look of your outdoor space, make sure you factor into maintenance costs over your deck’s lifetime. If you are not sure about the material to use for your decking, consult with your trusted supplier. They should have professionals who will inform you about when a specific decking can be most useful for your situation.

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