Bring the Hamptons to Your Home

  • by Rozy Joi
  • 9 Months ago
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When you are designing a new home, or renovating an old one, you may be ready for a major change in style. You may have certain colours in mind, for example. When you are starting from scratch, you have the luxury of also changing the basic items in a kitchen, such as the cabinets, countertops, and floors. The Hamptons kitchen look has become popular in many areas around the world. This luxury beach house kitchen design incorporates quality items with a minimalist approach. The light colours and simple styles make it stand out.

Light Colours

Beach houses are known for their light colours and beautiful shades of blue. These homes are often designed to match the natural environment. The colours should make you feel calm and relaxed. The colour scheme is not limited to décor items, such as paint and accessories. When a Hamptons kitchen is built, the cabinets and floors are made to match the theme. Wood flooring in a light tone often coordinates with white cabinetry. Even before you paint and add personal items, the kitchen should resemble those of the famous Hamptons homes.

Understated Styles

High quality furniture and accessories do not have to be incredibly ornate. Today’s classy styles focus on simple. A kitchen table for a Hamptons look, for example, should be made of quality wood. The luxury is in the material, not ornate designs. Nature is what makes the beaches beautiful, therefore, a beach inspired kitchen should follow suit. Simple lines on things such as barstools and china cabinets add to this luxury look.


When you head out to the beach for the day, you expect to enjoy a wide, open space. The ocean is something that continues from one continent to the other. There is no reason to limit the space in your kitchen, either. An open concept is a key component of a Hamptons style space. Work with your contractor to find ways to open the area. You may opt for more counter space bordering the kitchen. You can take out a bulky island unless your kitchen is extremely large, you may want to eliminate things such as islands and extra shelves. These items can take away from the open, airy look you are trying to achieve.

A beautiful kitchen can easily be incorporated into any home. If you admire the Hamptons beach style, it is easiest to start with an empty room. You can strip the room for a complete renovation in an older home. In a new home that you are building, you have the luxury of adding the proper flooring and cabinets early on. Your home can be designed to show off the relaxing colours of the beach. It does not take fancy designs and a ton of accessories to complete the beach look. This minimalist style is accomplished with light colours and high-quality items. Enjoy the luxury of the beach while you have your coffee every morning in your Hamptons style kitchen.

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