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Updating and Re-arranging your Pharmacy Fixtures for the Most Appeal

  • by Rozy Joi
  • 1 year ago
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The fixtures of your pharmacy support your sales, affects the way your customers get the level of care and service you offer and organize your workflow. Despite how the fixtures and shelving of your pharmacy work to contribute to your business’ success, you may not give them enough attention. This is actually a common problem among pharmacy owners. However, you must spend time updating and re-arranging your fixtures to maximize their benefits for your store.

Updating Fixtures to Continue to Impress your Customers

If you haven’t updated your front-end fixtures, know if it is time to do it. Find signs of rust, bending and worn shelves which do not tend to function perfectly anymore when displaying your merchandise. You don’t want your customers to see old or broken fixtures. They are likely to associate your shelving and fixtures with your level of service and care. Caring for your possessions means caring for your customers.

So make sure you plan the main fixture updates strategically. Know the right timing to offset the investment costs. Don’t forget to perform regular upkeep so that your fixtures will last longer. To know if your pharmacy needs new fixtures, consider the layout and design of your store. Thus, if it has been a decade, you may need a total makeover.

Getting a Good Return on your Investment

Updating or replacing the fixtures in your pharmacy shop is a major investment. You may have to spend at least $20,000 for the update. To ensure you get a good return on investment, consider why you are making the investment in the first place. Your fixtures and shelving are meant to house products and let customers choose products themselves. Also, they create an impression. Therefore, investing on the fixtures means ensuring superior customer service.

Considering the Main Features of the Fixtures

As you pick your pharmacy’s front-end shelving, you will have to think about many factors such as form, flexibility and functionality. Functionality ensures that you can achieve the shelving’s purpose. Wood- or glass-made fixtures are stylish and deep or heavily-tainted ones are likely to get the attention of shoppers. And while you may be tempted to use curved fixtures, overuse angles and counters because of their appeal, they will cost you a lot. In fact, they are not easy to merchandise and may confuse your customers.

In addition, flexibility is important to meet your current and future needs. To avoid inflexibility with your fixtures, avoid laying carpeting once you installed fixtures or choosing custom-built display cabinets with immovable shelves. Make sure you pick a design which let you integrate new features in the future.

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