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It’s no secret that rattan garden furniture has become ever increasingly popular in the last few years, and next it is said to get even hotter. For Spring / Summer 2018 may predict that grey rattan garden furniture will be the next big thing, so we thought we’d give you a head start for next year, by showing you some of our extensive range. Whether you are looking to furnish your patio, garden, decking, conservatory or terrace, we are sure you’ll find something you love here at Riverside.

Grey Rattan Garden Furniture from Alexander Rose

Grey Rattan Garden Furniture, Monte Carlo Range

If stylish and modern grey furniture is your thing, then you might want to look at the rattan
garden furniture from Alexander Rose. Made from 100% recyclable non-toxic material the weave is highly flexible and perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. The flexible weave makes the furniture comfortable and durable, which Alexander Rose warranties for 3 years.With the Monte Carlo range being a perfect match for the grey trend, you can see that, and the full range of Alexander Rose furniture here.

Rattan garden furniture is a staple feature of many stylish and luxurious garden designs. While the design oozes comfort and luxury, rattan garden collections are still practical and hard-wearing.

In general, rattan furniture requires little maintenance and can withstand all moderate weather conditions. Rattan is fireproof, can be pressure washed, includes UV protection and is made from PU rattan material.

Any accompanying soft furnishings, such as cushions, are machine washable so you can be confident that your quirky rattan garden furniture will last a lifetime.

Here are a few rattan garden furniture pieces that can add some character and quirkiness to your garden:

1. Luxurious bar set

Dining al fresco is a luxurious treat over the summer months. Outdoor seating is perfect for small gatherings where you can enjoy the afternoon sun with friends. Now with a round garden bar set, you can transport yourself, and your guests, off to bar on the water’s edge in the South of France.

Impress your guests with this quirky bar stool, let your guests settle into the day or relax after an evening’s meal with this formal yet casual dining setting. With an ice bucket as the centrepiece, your guests can fully enjoy the space of the bar stool, it is the perfect accompaniment for any regular social entertainers.

2. Cosy hideaways

When the sun is at its peak and it is time to chill out in the midday sun, treat yourself to a fresh lunch, grab a gripping book, put your feet up and relax in style in a rattan daybed. When looking for a hideaway to add to your garden, look for styles and shapes that create a warm intimate space that you and your guests can really enjoy.

This super stylish daybed is the perfect place to chill out in chic style. This design is versatile for both social and private hideaways, the hand-woven tepee-style roof creates a cosy yet airy space, which is UV protected so you and your guests can still feel immersed in the outdoors.

3. Hanging chair

Some garden enthusiasts say that their garden is the ideal place to sit back, reflect and plan their next steps. What a better place to engage in some blue sky thinking than on a hanging chair? Quirky in appearance but intimate in design, a hanging chair is a stylish addition to any modern garden.

Due to this chair’s particular shape, a furniture piece can easily become the centre point of a social area since its hand-woven rattan design reflects the sunlight at different points of the day. Depending on the position of the chair, it can create dynamic light space which changes throughout the day. Positioned amongst plants, within a conservatory or simply with other garden furniture, this quirky chair can transform a space.

5 Garden Ideas for a Fresh New Look

A Fresh Trim

One of the simplest garden ideas to give your garden a new appearance is to trim and shape lawns and other areas. Changing regular rectangular lawns and bedding areas to have different curves and angles will add character and completely transform the look of your garden. Mark out your desired new garden layout with string before using a straight edge to cut out the different sections. Effective, fast and free!

Garden Plants

You’ve likely seen newly built houses, each one an exact recreation of its neighbours, slightly boring right? Fortunately nature is extremely random and as such makes it beautifully easy to create a unique outdoor space through the addition of plants and flowers. Perennials are a great option and can be split up to be spread around different flowerbeds and also save cost! Geums, Hardy Geraniums & Astrantia can be removed from their pots and pulled into sections before being planted. As they grow they can also be dug up and split once again.

Let There Be Light

Garden lighting can be appreciated all year round. It’s great to have a well-lit area to enjoy during the summer months but even in the cold of winter, they add a sparkle to your garden and keep it looking beautiful. Outdoor lighting comes in various different sizes and styles; you really are spoilt for choice. Stake lights can be placed around a lawn or patio perimeter to illuminate a seating area. Alternatively, you might hang fairy lights along the top of a fence. Fairy lights offer a good amount of light and cover a larger area. For added effect they can also be placed around trees, bushes and flower beds to light up an entire garden!

Make a Path

Adding a path to your garden can break up an area of lawn and turn a plain outdoor space into a unique, stylish outer living area. Pathways can lead to different areas of your garden rather than unnecessarily causing damage to your lawn. The sides can be marked out with different types of rocks whilst the path itself can be created with gravel, slate or even bark depending on your personal preference. The beauty of adding a path is that it provides a stylish feature whilst also offering functional benefit too.

The Finishing Touch

stand out feature can truly make a garden. People often neglect their garden, treating it as an afterthought but it can become an enjoyable place to be just as your homes’ interior is. A water feature, pond or garden seating area can transform a garden into an extension of your interior and make it a usable and comfortable place that you can enjoy during good weather.

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