Important Things You Need To Know About Flame Retardant Wood

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For many homeowners, protection of wood against fire is very crucial. Flame retardant coating is very beneficial for decks, wall coverings, balconies, roof coverings, etc. Fire retardant coatings are available in different types. It is uniquely crafted to safeguard wood with very less interference of chemicals.

About fire retardant wood

In modern building codes, you will find mentioning of the use of flame resistant coatings in floor, wall, and roof assemblies. It is manufactured in a way to prevent the spreading of smoke and fire. Fire resistant lumber reduces the speed of the burning process.

So, occupants of a fire affected place get more time to leave the site. These wooden pieces are best suited for both indoors and outdoors. EPA-registered protection also aids in keeping your home completely free from the attack of fungus and termites.

Major areas of application of fire retardant wood

Fire retardant wood is made to be used at any place that catches fire. They are commonly used at places where there is not sufficient supply of water or a lack of sprinklers. During the process of construction, staging and scaffolding benefit from flame resistant treatment. Fire resistant wood when installed correctly ensure that medical care amenities remain economical and versatile. It is safe for personnel and patients.

Fire retardant wood is commonly used in studs, fire stops, wall plates, and within roofing systems. It helps in protecting tote boxes, shelving, workbenches, bins, and pallets with fire resistant coat. Fire resistant coatings are perfect for any place where you would want to safeguard your close ones and possessions from destruction due to fire.

What is the best way to make wood fire resistant?

Ordinary wood is subjected to pressure with a uniform blend of chemicals. When you pressure treats your wood, it aids in safeguarding it from normal environmental aspects such as age, rot, mold and insect infestations. After pressure treating the wood, it is then again dried to a low content of moisture.

This is done to properly conform with model-building codes. Several anti-fire formulas can be applied as per the eventual application of wood. Sheet metal and timber is made to be used for indoors. It needs a different treatment in comparison to woods for tougher outdoor use.


There are several benefits of using flame retardant wood in your house. To ensure mental peace and long-lasting security of home as well as belongings contained in it, it is important to invest in fire proof coatings.

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