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Don’t Forget To Check These Things While Buying Antique Furniture!

  • by Rozy Joi
  • 7 Months ago
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Some of the best homes, villas and offices in the world have antique pieces, right from artefacts to furniture. Antique furniture, in particular, is always in demand, mainly because it allows designers and homeowners to create a space that’s not extensively ruled by changing trends. There is also no denying that authentic antique furniture adds to the layers of the interiors and creates a more posh and rich look. When it comes to buying best quality antique furniture, a few things should be considered. Below are some quick aspects worth knowing.

What’s antique in real sense?

Any item that’s at least 100 years old is considered to be antique. Vintage, on the other hand, refers to things and items that are around 20 to 30 years old. Buying antique products and furniture can be a bummer because not everything that’s old and antique is worth an investment. Rarity, uniqueness and condition of the product largely determines the price that buyers eventually pay.

Tips on buying

  • First and foremost, find a genuine antique dealer, who can offer a Certificate of Authenticity, and if a company or service doesn’t, just steer clear of them. The certificate usually has a complete description of the item, its origin, age, photo and the details of the dealer.

  • As a buyer, you have every right to know if the product is actually antique and what makes it worth the price. The right seller will be able to explain the history and relevant details and will also suggest why the investment makes sense.
  • Find about the dealer. How long the dealer has been in antique business? What kind of products do they sell? How do they procure their requirements? Do they offer shipping guarantees? Note that antiques are not always in good condition, so shipping should be done right.
  • In case you are ordering online, find more about the policies of the dealer. Sometimes, an antique is not the same as shown or described in the picture, and the best dealers in such as cases will offer a refund.

  • Don’t just rely on the pictures that you see online. Ask the dealer to offer detailed images from all angles and make sure that the product pictures are genuine. Remember that you pay a premium for antiques and it should be worth the price.

Ask for a written condition report whenever you buy antiques from a dealer.

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