Alternative uses for garages

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Garages have always typically been a space that just simply serves a purpose. However, as the modern home evolves so does the role that garages play as a part of our lives. Concrete garages are being transformed into alternative spaces to expand the living spaces of our homes. As house prices are at an all-time high it is a much more viable option for homeowners to convert their concrete garages than to upsize their house.

Here are some of the most commons alternative uses for garages today:

  1. Home cinema

Having a room of your home completely designated to movies can be a great way to get family and friends together. Simply install a wall-mounted television, the bigger the better, and a capable sound system and you’re set. You can also be creative with the seating, either fixed chairs or a floor full of bean bags and cushions work great too.

  1. Gym

Health and fitness are playing a much more pivotal role on most of our lives today. We are all getting more conscious and aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for both its day-to-day benefits and its long-term advantages too. If you’ve maxed out any potential workout space in the rest of the house, a garage can be a good spot to add a home gym.

  1. Home office

A home office is one of the most popular uses for converted garages as it provides the peace and quiet necessary to get your head down for a few hours. The home office can offer the much-needed space away from distractions like phone calls and young children.

One of the best things about a converted concrete garage is the versatility in that it can be transformed to almost anything you put your mind to. A concrete garage provides the basic structure and natural strength and security for homeowners to renovate it as they see fit.

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