Adding Life to Your Garden With Flowers and Foliage

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For many homeowners, grass is the “star” in their outdoor space. It’s a source of pride to have lush green grass that’s immaculately mowed and maintained as it provides a striking accent to the overall home design.

But while there’s no question that a perfectly manicured lawn is a sight to behold, other lawn and garden features can be equally captivating, and could even surpass turf in terms of adding touches of pretty color and contrast throughout the space.

We’re talking about the flowers and foliage that take the beauty of a simple lawn and garden to new heights.

The power of flowers

There’s nothing like flowering plants to breathe life to a home lawn and garden. While a thick carpet of grass provides a vibrant green base, strategically positioned houseplants that display bursts of color here and there draw the eyes of passers-by and create pretty accents to your house.

If you ask specialists in lawn care in Oakton, VA, they’ll tell you that annual and perennial flowers and plants should always have a special place in home lawn and gardens for the following reasons:

●      To fill up bare spots

While grass can be laid down to cover every inch of ground, there has to be something to line the borders, soften hard edges and create balance and interesting statements throughout the lawn and garden, and flowering plants and vibrant foliage can do this job perfectly.

And because plants come in different heights and with all kinds of leaf shapes and varying shades of green, different plants can add a wide range of textures that work great in highlighting areas throughout your outdoor space.

●      To provide continuous blooms and colors

Having splashes of color in your garden across the seasons is a wonderful way to amp up the aesthetics of your home.

That’s why experienced lawn care teams in Bethesda, VA make it part of their flower and plant care programs to establish both annuals and perennials in their clients’ homes.

Perennials are plants that reproduce both through seeds and from the roots, which means they return to your garden every year. Annuals, on the other hand, reproduce only through seeds and only live for a year. After shooting out flowers all season, they will die out on their own.

As long-lasting as they are, perennials only flower in the spring. So when these stop flowering in the summer, the hardy and heat-tolerant annuals can step in to produce colorful blooms during the hotter months. The result? Your garden will have continuous splashes of color.

 So what’s the best way to keep your home garden interesting? While you have your “regulars” (the perennials) putting out their blooms year after year, you can mix up your landscape with different “special guests” (the annuals) so you can have new colors every year.

How to maintain flowering plants

Lawn care specialists help homeowners successfully maintain their colorful landscape by providing the following services:

1. Soil preparation

Healthy flowering plants need healthy soil to grow, so lawn care teams begin by mixing organic matter into the soil and check for proper aeration and drainage.

2. Deadheading

Removing the dying flowers can help stimulate new growth and the emergence of new buds. Doing this regularly helps ensure that the plants will bloom throughout their growing season.

3. Regular cleanup

There will always be dead leaves and flowers scattered around flowering plants, and these will have to be promptly cleaned up to maintain neatness.

4. Fertilization and pest control

By addressing pest issues and fertilizing the plants for healthier growth and weed elimination, flowering plants can look their best at all times.

The best flowering plants for Virginia gardens

Which plants thrive best in your particular climate? Some of the favorites among homeowners in Virginia include the Virginia bluebells (named for blue flowers shaped like bells), fringed bleeding hearts (purple-rose flowers with gray-green leaves), daylilies, spiderwort, asters, showy goldenrods, and oak leaf hydrangeas.

Want your lawn and garden to be the envy of your neighborhood? Make sure to fill your landscape with pretty blooms and vibrant foliage that are sure to catch anyone’s eye.

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